My boring life
Sunday, August 17, 2003
I'm going to go to El Paso Community College and get my associates degree in pre engineering.
this is what i finally decided on.
i'll quit Kovach in January and start EPCC then. this is the very last time i will try to attend any college coz i'm getting too old and getting dumb.
I blew up my other PC so the only one i have left is my HP.
700 mhz
40 gig hd
256 mb pc133
radeon VE 32
my next upgrade is gonna be a 1 gig celeron processor, a stick of 256 mb pc 133, a radeon 9000 pci, and a micro atx power supply 230 w. getting everything on pricewatch will cost $150.
29 ram
21 pwr
62 video
37 proc
Saturday, August 16, 2003
nano 98
gmax sounds intresting...
this is one cool PC mod
well, i'm just starting here and i don't really know what i'm gonna end up putting on this blog.
here i go, off to the web!
stileproject forum
came copy world

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